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PHACON Trainer, PHACON Assistants and PHACON artificial Patients are used worldwide as a supplement and alternative to human preparations. PHACON Trainers are the cost-efficient high-tech complete solution

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PHACON also offers a service for individual patient models. So you can train in advance, in a perfect replica of your existing real patient, your actual surgery. Just send us your existing record - we'll do the rest. Already the next day you have your model on the table.


We distinguish between 3 PHACON solutions for ENT, Neuro, Spine and Vascular:


Based on real CT data and 3D printed, the anatomically detailed PHACON patient model reflects the most diverse human tissue properties (such as bones, cartilage, muscles, skin and nerves), which we handcraft to the smallest detail using a variety of materials be completed. The surgeon thus receives a haptic feedback that is comparable to the human patient - for a realistic surgical experience. We offer numerous patient models with different anatomies, pathologies, levels of detail and different age groups. Use the PHACON patient as a single model or with the PHACON Assistant or the PHACON Trainer.


Our PHACON Assistants use PHACON interchangeable patients via a simple click-in system. The assistant can be conveniently adjusted for the optimal patient situation during surgery. The inserted PHACON Patient can be replaced by another model with e.g. other anatomy at any time. With its realistic appearance, this product attracts attention at fairs and conventions and can be used as an artificial patient replacement in your surgical course.


The PHACON Trainer has a unique surgical navigation developed by PHACON through the integrated electronics and included notebook, which provides the surgeon with the current position of his instruments in the CT dataset and 3D visualization of the PHACON patient being used.

This training and navigation software provides comprehensive operational preparation and support, and provides the optimal foundation for the best possible presentation of your instruments:

  • CT data sets and the 360 ° rotatable virtual 3D model of the PHACON patient being used are displayed automatically
  • Images of the CT slices can be displayed in sagittal, axial and coronal imaging with desired contrast and brightness
  • Anatomical structures of the patient model can be faded in and out for orientation in the 3D view of the model
  • Injuries to risk structures (e.g., nerves or blood vessels) during surgery are indicated

All instruments used can be navigated using the various instrument markers supplied.

The trainer automatically recognizes which patient you have clicked in and adjusts the content accordingly. Switch easily and quickly between different anatomies and age groups, demonstrate and practice various techniques everywhere and at any time.







years of experience

PHACON Trainers combine the benefits of surgery on an artificial patient with the possibilities of virtual assistance.

Furthermore PHACON developed a special method which significantly facilitates your OR preparation

Based on medical image data (CT, MR, DVT) we produce individual 3D models. Surgeons as well as patients receive an additional win of information by this way of preoperative planning of complex intervention.

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